Exploring the Belanglo State Forest

Heres a few aerial shots from my adventure through the Belanglo State Forest, about 2 hours south of Sydney. Pictured is my car, surrounded by endless pine trees. The light brown, dead straight road contrast with the dark green spiked trees creates an amazing shot when looking down from the sky. LP 2017.  

More from Vivid 2017

Vivid 2017, Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia.  Here’s some more shots from The 2017 Vivid festival. Featuring the ‘Paralax’ (Top right) resembling the stalactites usually found hanging from the ceilings of cave systems. I also included a reflection shot taken from the Overseas Passanger Terminal, of the Harbour Bridge. (Bottom left) LP 2017.

Another fiery Sydney sunset

Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney, Australia.  I was fortunate enough to capture another spectacular Sydney sunset a few days ago, and I could have been in a better place to shoot it then at the Sydney Opera House. Here a few images captured during and after sunset. Enjoy! LP 2017. 

Night Scape

Vivid 2017, Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia. Taken on the first night of Vivid Sydney, 2017. Was loving the light beams and lasers this year, keen for next year. Was waiting for ages to finally capture some light trails and finally got the chance after waiting in the same spot for 30 plus mins. But it… Read More Night Scape


Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia. The famous Sydney Opera House, sillouette’d during sunrise. The slight long exposure creates a smooth, still effect on the water, whilst adding to the stunning colour of the sunrise. LP 2017