Morning Glow

Seacliff Bridge, NSW. A morning above the Seacliff bridge in Southern NSW. On the horizon the glow of the rising sun can be seen. I shot this image with a long exposure, giving the water a smooth silky effect and creating some effective light trails on the bridge. LP 2017. 


The Sugar Pine Walk, in Laurel Hill, NSW. One of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited and certainly one of my most favourite to shoot. The endless sugar pine trees create amazing scenery to photograph and never fail to impress. LP 2017.


Spinning steel wool at the Old Helensburgh Tunnel, NSW.  By using a whisk stuffed full of steel wool, attached to a rope, lit on fire and spinning it around for a few seconds, you can create some amazing visuals. The first time I used steel wool in photography, I was amazed at what I created.… Read More Ignite


Sunset under the sails of the Sydney Opera House. A busy Sunday evening at the Sydney Opera House. Managed to capture the sun through the windows in this shot, just before it disappeared out of view. Perfect clouds and calm conditions made for a perfect sunset. I’m always surprised at how fast the sun seems… Read More Sails

Iconic Reflections

Iconic reflections shot from Sydneys, Mrs Macquaries Chair.  A still afternoon on Sydneys famous harbour. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the surrounding clouds began to ignite in colour, I snapped this shot with an exposure of 30 seconds. Due to minimal wind, the result was an almost perfect reflection. LP 2017.